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Turnaround & Restructuring Services

Why it really matters

Today’s uncertain environment demands the financial and operational flexibility necessary to course-correct midstream and adapt to the unforeseen challenges and opportunities that will inevitably arise along the way. Financial and operational restructuring will be required for many companies struggling to remain viable and competitive.

Why ANF Capital

A company can analyze forever, but if it can’t implement the plan, the analysis is worthless. Comprised of the most respected turnaround professionals in the industry, ANF Capital is recognized as the premier firm helping companies resolve urgent situations and implement rapid change.

Our professionals share a practical, results-oriented mindset that understands that, in these situations, failure is not an option. We work side-by-side with senior executives in a dynamic restructuring environment to balance competing priorities including closely managing liquidity, anticipating unforeseen risks and opportunities, and communicating with key constituents.

Because we’re business executives first, we understand how to build consensus, manage expectations, and control the restructuring.